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Commander Fleet Dispenser
- 20 & 60 GPM configurations
- Single or dual hose
- Piston or rotary PD meters
- 2-Stage control valve
- Satellite capable (60 GPM units)
- Resale accurate
- Communications interface
- Dual sided retail or commercial electronic displays
- Programmable pulse output
- Powder coated welded chassis
- Powder coated panels

The Commander dispenser is designed to give many years of trouble free service in the harsh environments of fleet and marine fueling operations. This is evident in the heavy duty frame and components used in its construction. The hydraulic system utilizes aluminum castings with flanged connections for ease of maintenance. The dispenser can be configured for either single or dual hose operation using either 20 GPM and/or 60 GPM meters. As a dual hose dispenser, the two sides are electrically and hydraulically separate, lowering the risk that both sides will be disabled due to a single component failure.

Programming the Commander Fuel Dispenser is accomplished quickly with a plug-n-play remote handheld programmer. The programmer connects to the CPU board of the dispenser via RJ-45 cable. It is powered from the dispenser CPU power supply therefore, does not require batteries or charging. All available dispenser parameters are set and modified using the programmer. All parameters are listed and defined in the dispenser manual.

Retail and Commercial
units are designed and constructed identically with the exception of the displays. Retail dispensers utilize a triple line, seven digit, backlit LCD display to show volume, total sale and price per unit of volume. The commercial dispensers use a single line, seven digit display to only show volume. The seven digit displays allow the dispensers to handle transactions up to 9999.999 gallons.

Communications with a POS system can be accomplished using one of two methods. The dispenser can communicate via a two-wire EIA-485 interface using PMC’s protocol or via a ‘hard’ wired interface. Using the ‘hard’ wired interface, the dispenser can mimic a mechanical dispenser, allowing it to interface with most POS and card systems. Contact PMC for a current list of devices supporting the PMC protocol.

PMC Home Products Documentation Gallery Contact Information